Diversified mobility options that are universally accessible and safe​

to take back the street, for all


Access to diversified and safe modes of travel is essential to ensure the quality of life of residents. As a leader of the Vision Zero approach, Montréal and its neighbourhoods must redouble their efforts to improve travel safety for all, paying particular attention to those who travel by active transportation.

Our commitment

Rethink public space in order to ensure safe and harmonious cohabitation between the different modes of travel and make access to public transport more fair and impartial.

Our actions

  • Continue our efforts towards Vision Zero
  • Calm traffic in local streets and contain automobile transit
  • Minimise the negative impacts of trucking on quality of life
  • Secure pedestrian crossings and alley entrances and exits
  • Develop safe, green, and fun school corridors
  • Promote active mobility through friendly and safe public facilities
  • Improve the supply of public and shared transport
  • Implement eco-tax and social pricing measures for transportation
  • Allow storefronts to put in access ramps, even if these impede slightly on the sidewalk
  • Increase the number of inspectors and train urban planners and other workers of the borough to make sure public sites remain accessible during construction and other works