Valuing social and cultural diversity

to strengthen the sense of belonging​ and security


Living together stimulates the communities’ sense of belonging to their neighbourhood and to Montréal, and contributes to the development of each individual and to a sense of security. Montréal and its neighbourhoods must step up their efforts to promote greater social cohesion.

Our commitment

Recognize the contribution of cultural communities to the economic, social, and cultural vitality of neighborhoods and ensure that every Montrealer has their place in the community and never has to fear violence, racism nor discrimination.

Our actions

  • Review the role and function of the municipal police force and its financing, in collaboration with community members, so that their actions are targeted and efficient
  • At the least impose a freeze on the SPVM’s annual budget
  • Redistribute a portion of the SPVM’s funding towards public and community services
  • Increase the support to community groups working to prevent violence and criminality
  • Continue efforts to help immigrants to integrate
  • Ensure that all people have access to the services offered by the City, regardless of immigration status
  • Establish best practices to eliminate all forms of racism
  • Promote dialogue and intercultural encounters
  • Implement all recommendations of the Public Security Commission resulting from the public consultation on the SPVM street checks and ensure follow-up
  • Consult the population when renovating public spaces to increase safety for all