Leonora Indira King

Candidate for Parc-Extension

For the last 5 years, Leonora has been working in Park Extension as a community organizer to bring about positive change for the neighbourhood. She’s also been pursuing graduate studies in mental health research at McGill University for the last 8 years. So, she is a researcher by training, but a community organizer by default. That means that she’s really good with numbers, but she is passionate about working with people towards the collective good – an ideal combination when it comes to being your city councillor. 

Leonora Indira King, candidate dans Parc-Extension pour Quartiers Montréal

Much of her community engagement occurs through Afrique au Féminin, a Park Ex community centre devoted to the integration of women who are newcomers to the country; and Brick by Brick, a community housing project for low-income and vulnerable families. As a community researcher with the Office of Community Engagement at Concordia University, she has developed a strong understanding of the systemic inequalities affecting Park Extension residents, including barriers to affordable housing and employment, and now collaborates with community and institutional partners to implement creative solutions. One of those creative solutions is creating the Park Ex Curry Kitchen, a food-catering initiative that provides meals to families in need while doubling as a means of financial support to vulnerable women who are featured as the main chefs. Every Saturday, you can probably find her running around doing pick-ups and deliveries across Park Ex and throughout the island of Montreal.

As a Canadian of Indo-Caribbean descent, Leonora feels connected to multiple cultural identities and believes that integration and cohesion is the key to building strong communities. We must work with the richness and diversity that is Parc-Ex by incorporating different perspectives so that true representation can be achieved. She envisions shared leadership as city councillor and intends to work collectively with designated community leaders in the neighbourhood to address local issues. She acknowledges that representing a neighbourhood is not work any one person can do; it requires a collective effort.

In terms of Leonora’s commitments, she wants the neighbourhood to work together to improve the cleanliness of our streets and alleys. She wants to make sure our elders are taken care of. She wants to create more affordable housing and do more to support local community organizations. Finally, Leonora promises to continue her work on the ground with the residents, because to her, that is where real change happens.