Greener and more ecological neighbourhoods​

to face the climate crisis​

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For the past decade, citizens’ initiatives have had the wind in their sails: green alleys, collective gardens, urban agriculture, etc. The citizens have a deep desire to reclaim public space and Montréal and its neighbourhoods must give them the means to achieve their ambitions.

Our commitment

Think collectively and build greener and more resilient living environments in the face of climate change.

Our actions

  • Increase the greening and demineralization of streets and the public domain to decrease heat islands
  • Protect and enhance biodiversity by creating urban micro-forests, natural corridors, and planting vegetation favorable to pollinators;
  • Increase the minimum ratio of green spaces and the minimum number of trees to be planted for new constructions and parking lots
  • Establish a partnership with private companies to plant in their commercial parking lots
  • Set up rainwater management systems during road repairs or public space development
  • Reform the borough’s street parking policies so that they reflect supply and demand and so that people who really need parking spots can have them
  • Set up innovative projects to revalue resources, especially snow
  • Encourage local food and food self-sufficiency, in particular through collective gardens and urban agriculture
  • Promote the emergence of a social and circular economy