Complete living environments

where everyone can live, work, and play

milieu de vie

A full living environment must ensure proximity to shops and daily services, must be accessible by sustainable modes of transport, and offer quality public spaces. Montréal and its neighbourhoods must be inclusive living environments where everyone, regardless of their means, age, or origin, can live, work, and play.

Our commitment

Make accessible quality public spaces and abundant green spaces, a variety of services, and an environment rich in economic, social, recreational and cultural activities to all.

Our actions

  • Put in place a traffic calming plan for local streets
  • Create a commercial innovation fund for small  and medium-sized businesses in gentrifying areas to help them adapt to changing demographics and help them stay in their neighbourhoods
  • Stimulate and promote culture so that it remains at the heart of the soul and identity of neighbourhoods and of Montreal
  • Preserve artists’ workshops and provide an environment favorable to art creation and dissemination
  • Expand and diversify the sports options in public facilities and spaces
  • Adopt winter city principles by adding more skating rinks, sledding hills, and by planting more evergreen trees to cut the cold winter winds
  • Increase the number of local parks and green spaces
  • Develop, in collaboration with local organisations, a vision for the protection and the enhancement of history and heritage