Diversified and accessible housing​

to maintain a social mix​


Housing is both an essential component of the living environment and a privileged tool for social inclusion. For an appropriately housed person, home represents a foundation, the basis of their personal and social development, and of their feeling of belonging to a community. As we are living through a major housing crisis, Montréal and its neighbourhoods must act quickly so that housing does not become a place of instability, insecurity, isolation, and exclusion for anyone who has difficulty finding housing.

Our commitment

Achieve an inclusive and accessible city that takes into account the diverse aspirations and needs of all Montrealers.

Our actions

  • Develop an action plan to counter evictions, in particular by adapting zoning by-laws to better protect the rental stock
  • Support the development of social and community housing initiated by the community
  • Develop a plan for the acquisition, renovation, and safeguarding of large buildings and houses of worship
  • Strictly apply the Regulation respecting the salubrity, maintenance, and safety of housing
  • Develop strategies to counter the loss of density due to shifting demographics
  • Set up programs for the maintenance and more sustainable development of residential buildings;
  • Support social innovation in the development of real estate projects, especially affordable projects