Collaborative and participatory governance

to decide together

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In order to create living environments that reflect those who inhabit them, Montréal and its neighbourhoods must increase citizen participation in management and decision-making methods.

Our commitment

Allow everyone to put forward their ideas and experiences in order to enrich reflection on projects, policies and regulations likely to influence their living environment.

Our actions

  • Create a participatory budget process of $1.5 million per year to make sure the borough’s spending is in line with local priorities and values
  • In collaboration with residents, review the cost of permits to make sure it is just, equitable and promotes a green transition
  • Get closer and engage more with residents by holding consultations as well as activities near sites targeted by development projects
  • Allow residents to give feedback via an online consultation platform
  • Develop and implement diversified citizen participation tools, with feedback and follow-up mechanisms
  • Integrate demographic information about who is being consulted, the population living in area in question and the general demographics of the neighbourhood, to ensure that consultations are representative
  • Ensure greater transparency in decision-making and accountability;
  • Do continuous training of borough officials and employees on best practices of public participation
  • Work in close collaboration with neighbourhood roundtables, community organizations and all stakeholders in the community, including children
  • Create a bourough council for children